Carleton U Celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2017. We Will Be There!


It’s been 75 years since a group of visionary citizens opened the doors of Carleton College in Ottawa to students building their careers after the Depression and military service in the Second World War.

Carleton University is now a leading post-secondary institution, one that has provided a unique educational experience to 130,000 graduates over seven decades.

It was created by the community, not a government or a church. And it is that community spirit – and the people who keep it alive – that we most want to celebrate in 2017.  And Third Russell will be there as we celebrate another floor reunion!




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    Guy Graveline Written by:

    Married to Karin who I met in 1977 while on 3rd Russell. We have 2 boys, and I am a grandfather with another on the way. Looking forward to getting together with everyone..