Doug Birnie. A few snippets from the email trail

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— I sent you a pic a long side my 500 cc Suzuki.  I still have a need for speed.
Rolls used to take us out to the mountain slide in Ottawa and we would see who could get down the hill the fastest without flying off the track.
I am a Blue Jays fanntic and followed almost every game this year.  I am currently growing my playoff beard so still a little rough around the edges.
The Doc told me to watch what I eat and drink so I have cut booze out completely although CJ’s camp is the exception.  His camp visits are full of stories from the time we get up to the when we get tucked in.  Saw BWall there last summer and he is still a non stop story machine.

— Victoria is taking BSc at Mac so I am down there quite a bit. She is studying constantly and when she comes home she works at the Delta as a server for weddings and studies on her oft hours. Her boyfriend is also BSc so they study together. I also get her to tutor Louise who is in grade 11. Think of it I have a 15 year old daughter and I am 57.
We had a lot of good times.

— I have three daughters – one has graduated, one in third year at Mac and one in grade 11. They do not know any of the stories and they think I am square old Dad and that is the way I like it. Actually they are the square ones which is the way I like it. My wife did a terrific job with them. I married Fred’s sister.

— That was also the summer we were in the House that Guy rented on Second Ave in the Glebe right next to the tennis courst with Singapore, Denis and Rollo and I – Doug Birnie stayed on our living room floor for a month if I remember. I recall we stopped buying milk for the fridge because we found out it was more expensive than beer… Doug

— My wife died of cancer three years ago so I have to be the steady hand on the tiller. My wife was the one who kept all those things in line.

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    Married to Karin who I met in 1977 while on 3rd Russell. We have 2 boys, and I am a grandfather with another on the way. Looking forward to getting together with everyone..