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Response to Posting from Brian Hamilton:

Great job maintaining the shirts. One point I believe is too often overlook was the strong linkage of school and athletics.  Between 1976/77 and 1978/79 Third Russell rained as the intramural champs.  Mike Miles had a lot to do with the start of the tradition.  The floor had a combination of quality students and athletes.  I recall my first experience during winter exams 76/77.  I could be wrong as to the time but study break was set at one hour (9:00 pm) at which time anyone on the floor could and did make as much noise as they wished.  One hour later the floor was dead.  Also in my three threes on the floor I only recall one person dropping out.  It was a learning experience for me when Blaine left in my first year.  Blaine’s father’s health was not good so he left Third Russell late October early November to ensure the family dairy would not lose its milk quota.

Brian Hamilton
September 30, 2015

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    Guy Graveline Written by:

    Married to Karin who I met in 1977 while on 3rd Russell. We have 2 boys, and I am a grandfather with another on the way. Looking forward to getting together with everyone..