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Our Video Section includes exclusive video footage from our 2015 Reunion, as well as video of the Hail Mary pass from the 2014 Panda Game won by Carleton.  You will also find videos of some of the entertainment we all enjoyed while in Res including Ian Thomas (band members pictured above), Garfield (album cover above) , Mike MacDonald, and the Blushing Brides.  Please post videos of bands and other entertainment that you remember seeing … or any other videos that you would like to share about those years 1975-1980.

F*** You Ottawa U.

Overtime Win for Carleton, 48-45.

Ian Thomas Band

Garfield Band

The Blushing Brides

Comic Mike MacDonald Playing a Tennis Racket.  He did this in Res Commons way back ….


Sagebrush played this note for note … and sounded the same as The Marshall Tucker Band


Jimmy Mac Gets it Done!

CJ Gives it a Shot!

Panda Game 2015. 3rd Russell Reunion.

Rico and the Mug!

Shooter dressed up as gangsters from the 20’s.












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    Guy Graveline Written by:

    Married to Karin who I met in 1977 while on 3rd Russell. We have 2 boys, and I am a grandfather with another on the way. Looking forward to getting together with everyone..